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This is our Grow Room. The system on the right is a 24 bucket system with a Horizontal 600 watt  High pressure sodium.   We are in bloom with 10 varieties of  HOTTT PEPPERS.  We are using  Carbon max, and our own manufacture of Micro,  Grow and Bloom with H2O2.  Aproximate cost  of this system is $800.00. 
  Below are squash and pumpkins, only 11 days from seed!!!!!    This system uses a 5' Foot Parabolic with the same  fertilizer.   Check back in a couple of weeks, we should have some pumpkins soon!!! This system is about $450.00.

Below is a prize winner,   I't's a Thai Dragon 20X hotter than Habenero.  I estimate that it will yield 500+ peppers.  

Below is a the same pepper plant,   My estimate was wrong it's got 1000 + peppers.   600 Watt sodium did the trick

Here is a small Cactus.  The date of all these photos are 9/7/99
Much more to come....................................

dated       9/7/99 dated     01/14/2000
1000 Watt Halide did the trick here !!!!!